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Gig Dates

Our Halloween Party at the Wicked Monk was spooktacular! The costumes were great! The crowd danced all night. It felt so good to be back in Brooklyn!


Wicked Monk

We packed the house at The Sunset Grill at our special 80's party hosted by Ira from Ira's list! We made so many new friends & fans! We cannot wait to do it again in January!

Sunset Grill

We would like to thank New Horizons in Autism for presenting us with an award for our continuing support at Rock n Ride this weekend in Old Bridge, NJ

2021-2022 SHOWS

MAY 1, 2021                   The G.O.A.T.
SAT. 8:00 pm                 1674 Richmond Road
Make reservations      Staten Island, NY 10304
MAY 8 2021                    The Warehouse
Sat. 6;30 pm                  203 Broadway
                                       Amityville, NY
Reservations needed http://bokeo/thewarehouse.com
June 5, 2021                   REEL
Sat. 7:30 PM                   1 Main Street
                                        East Rockaway, NY
June 27, 2021                    Tropix on the Mile
Sun. 1:00 PM                      395 Woodcleft Ave.
                                           Freeport, NY
July 20, 2021                     Summer Concert Series
Tues. 7:00 PM                    Shore Road, at 79th St.
bring chair/blanket          Brooklyn, NY
July 23, 2021                      La Motta's
Fri. 7:00 PM                        10 Matinecock Ave.
                                            Port Washington, NY
July 24, 2021                   Francis Lewis Park
Sat. 7:00 PM                    Whitestone Ave. at 147 St.
bring chair                      Queens, NY     NEW DATE!
 July 30, 2021                   Private Party    
August 1, 2021                   Tropix on the Mile
Sun. 1:00 PM                      395 Woodcleft Ave.
                                           Freeport, NY
August 7, 2021                REEL
Sat. 7:30 PM                    1 Main Street
                                         East Rockaway, NY
Aug. 11, 2021                    Atlas Park Mall
Wed. 7:00 PM                  8000 Cooper Ave.
                                         Glendale, NY 11385
  August 13, 2021                Private Party          
 August 14, 2021                 Hamptons Private        
Sept. 5, 2021                        La Motta's
Sun. 6:00 PM                        10 Matinecock Ave.
Cancelled due to rain         Port Washington, NY
Sept. 12, 2021                    Rock n Ride for Autism
Sun. 1:00 pm                      Old Bridge, NJ                  
Sept. 17, 2021                    REEL
Fri. 7:00 pm                       1 Main Street
Cancelled due to rain       East Rockaway, NY
Oct. 2, 2021                       The Warehouse
Sat. 7:00 pm                      203 Broadway
                                           Amityville, NY
OCT. 23, 2021                     The G.O.A.T.
SAT. 8:30 pm                     1674 Richmond Road
                                          Staten Island, NY 10304
Oct. 30, 2021                     The Wicked Monk
Sat. 10:00 pm                    9510 3rd Avenue
Halloween Party               Brooklyn,  NY 
Nov. 6, 2021                         Sunset Grill
Sat. 9:00 PM                        4068 Sunrise Highway
                                             Seaford, NY 11783
Dec. 11 2021                      The Warehouse
Sat. 10:00 pm                    203 Broadway
                                          Amityville, NY
 Dec.  16, 2021                     Private  Party      
Jan. 15, 2022                       Sunset Grill
Sat. 9:00 PM                        4068 Sunrise Highway
                                             Seaford, NY 11783
Feb. 5, 2022                    The Wicked Monk
Sat. 10:00 pm                   9510 3rd Avenue
                                         Brooklyn,  NY 
March 5, 2022                     Sunset Grill
Sat. 9:00 PM                         4068 Sunrise Highway
                                              Seaford, NY 11783
April. 2, 2022                     The Wicked Monk
Sat. 10:00 pm                     9510 3rd Avenue
                                           Brooklyn,  NY 
We were on edge the morning of our gig at Tropix at the Nautical Mile. We weren't sure if it was going to rain or not. We were so glad that we played the show. Tropix looked so beautiful with their renovations. The sun even came out for a while. We added some surprise songs that we recently played at a private gig. You can hear them at RadioDazeMusicChannel on YouTube. We had a lot of dancers and even a few birthday celebrations.


We were so happy to be back at Shore Road Park in Bay Ridge Brooklyn for the annual Summer Concert Series! We had a great crowd! A special thanks to all who came out and danced even in the heat.


Shore Road

It turned out to be a great night at La Motta's in Port Washington NY. We apologized to everyone for the late start. Our equipment truck had a blow-out on Northern Blvd. It was great that everyone waited for us. It was a gorgeous night! The moon was shining bright and everyone danced all night on the deck!

La Motta's


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