Vincent Affatigato
C.J. Smith
Anthony Esemplare


Hollywood is an extraordinary singer that possesses a phenomenal vocal range. He is mostly known as the lead singer of the amazing Judas Priest tribute band Unleash the Priest. A veteran of the Staten Island cover band scene, he has sang for many cover bands including JC Hollywood & The Krisp. It was while he was the singer for the 80's cover band called 1.21 Gigawatts, that he met Vinny Lubrano from Radio Daze and became the band's fill in singer for Tony over the years. Hollywood also fronted for original metal band Dark Sky Choir and appears on their first CD. He currently is a member of A.D.4

VINNY LUBRANO: Guitar, Vocals
Vinny began playing guitar in 1974. He met Anthony & Andy to form the band Rocking Horse, their first cover band. Throughout the years they have played together in various bands including the hugely successful Exciter, a heavy metal cover band in the 80's. Vinny's blazing technique and ability to play many different styles, led him to be a session guitar player that has been featured on many recordings. He is also a member of the Peter Stevens Band with bassist Andy Mattina.

VINCENT GATO: Drums, Vocals
Vincent is a master (literally as he is a Tae Kwon Do master) drummer & backing vocalist. This dynamic drummer began his association with Vinny and Andy in the Peter Stevens Band, a NYC based original act that graced the stage of the city's best venues like The China Club, Great Gildersleeves, Traxx & Nirvana to name a few. Vincent was a member of Southern Comfort, a successful Brooklyn based southern rock cover band in the early 80's. Vincent is also a member of Head and South, a southern rock cover band based out of Bay Ridge Brooklyn.

There is not enough room on this website to list the people that Andy has performed with. He was once dubbed the busiest bass player in NYC. He is a masterful musician and helps to deliver a rock solid foundation, coupled with Vincent's outstanding drumming to form a rythmn section that is second to none. Andy can also be found playing in NYC's premier live karaoke band, Crash Course Karaoke on week nights, and a unique solar powered band called Solar Punch.

C.J. SMITH:  Keyboard, Vocals

Starting classical piano at the age of 4, amongst a family of musicians, C.J. developed many musical skills on multiple instruments growing up. His keyboard playing eventually drifted to more of a rock/pop focus. He then went on to perform in bands for Carnival Cruise Lines. In addition to rockin the synth sounds, his choir & acapella group experience helps him nail any vocal harmony you can throw at him. You can also find him directing a rock/pop choir called Here To Sing. He also plays French horn or piano for various organizations and events.


Valerie's enthusiasm on stage is absolutely contagious! Her unique look has everyone watching her throughout the show. Besides her amazing vocals Valerie also plays guitar and sings in a Goth band called Abbey Death with her husband. We are so lucky to have her!


Anthony has been a member of many bands including NYC Punk Heroes, No Control, Alternative Rockers, Gregory's Funhouse (with Andy) and Rocking Horse (with Andy & Vinny). He was an integral part of all of these projects, but he was not the singer, he was the drummer. His first experience as a "frontman" came in 1985 when Vinny, Andy, Vincent & Tony joined two other close friends for a one night gig at a NYC High School's Dance. It was that gig that cemented the fact that not only can he sing but he can entertain an audience like no other. 

Vinny Lubrano
Andy Mattina